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News 21. 6. 2024

Say “goodbye” to Letsgood and “hello” to Akurlee

Our company is undergoing a rebranding! Say goodbye to Letsgood and get ready to say hello to our fresh new identity, Akurlee. This transformation represents a significant milestone as we embrace our commitment to innovation, customer satisfaction, and our vision for the future connected with our successful software product MeetingRoomApp.

Originally a software agency, Letsgood grew over time to become one of the leading technology companies in the booking system market, and we extremely are proud of the accomplishments we achieved under its name. However, as the world evolves, so must we. It’s time for us to evolve our brand and align it with our renewed focus and aspirations.

With our rebranding as Akurlee, we are not just changing our name; we are transforming into a robust platform that offers a suite of powerful features and services for your office workplace. This shift to a platform-based model represents a significant step forward in our commitment to providing a comprehensive solution that meets all your needs.

We have listened to your feedback and have worked day and night to develop Akurlee, a top-notch software which you, our customers, can trust.

From this moment, we offer two software products – MeetingRoomApp and Akurlee. MeetingRoomApp is for companies who look for the meeting room booking system including room displays and other cool features. The Akurlee solution will provide new features for hybrid offices and environments where are some different booking process requirements.

The genesis of the name Akurlee is connected with the word accurate and cure which also represents our values. Our services will be served under these values so you can look forward to co-operation.

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Our company’s new name and registered office

Letsgood.com s.r.o. is changing its name to akurlee s.r.o. and at the same time changing its registered office and shipping address effective July 19, 2023.


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