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The Akurlee platform is the ultimate workplace management software for all company resources from desks to meeting rooms to parking spots and office equipment. It allows businesses to create a high-performing, yet free work environment.

The environment we work in plays a key role in our productivity. That’s why, building on our years of experience with the development of the MeetingRoomApp software since 2015, we have created a platform that provides a hybrid workplace model with a direct impact on people’s performance and well-being. Akurlee offers a set of technologies to manage, run and automate company space that allow businesses to optimize their resources efficiently and in real time.

Our mission is not only to provide top-notch software but also to enable companies to build their own unique processes with a long-term and positive impact on achieving their business goals.

A new generation ofhybrid office solutions

Akurlee meets the requirements of even the most demanding office environments both today and of the future. It provides companies with maximum flexibility regardless of their size or structure; the software is a perfect fit for any business.

Reflecting the current trends in the workplace, Akurlee helps businesses adapt to their work performance style needs and flexible work conditions. Supported by state-of-the-art apps, it allows people to organize and plan their working time efficiently and to coordinate the workflow of the entire company reliably.

With Akurlee, you can create a welcoming, comfortable, and fully functional environment which will keep your office in harmony at any pace.

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