Cookie Policy

Company akurlee s.r.o., Reg. No. 02565684, having its registered seat at Římská 1199/35, Vinohrady, 120 00 Prague 2, the Czech Republic (hereinafter the “company”, “we”, “Us”), which developed, owns and operates the website (hereinafter as the “site”), cloud application management (hereinafter as the “service”) provides you, the visitors and users of the service, with following information about use of cookies.

By visiting the site or using the service we can obtain more information about you or your device (mobile, desktop, or any other, whatever you use to access our service or site).

By using various technologies, we can collect and store certain information about such device and its user(s), such as users’ visits or their behavior on the site. This may also involve use of cookies or similar identifiers.

Cookies are files that are stored to a browser/device from a website, application, or advertising a user is viewing or using.

While using the site or service, our company collects the following information about your device and its use: Internet service provider, IP address of the device connection, date and time the site was used, what type of device or browser was used, what functions in the context of use of the site were preferred by the user. Such information is usually being collected from the technical purposes arising from the principles of the Internet network or for the purposes of further analytics, performed by third parties (e.g. Google Analytics), where it is used in anonymous form. We do not use such information for other then such basic technical purposes, unless stated explicitly otherwise below.

Cookies and similar technologies can be useful helpers. They are aware when a particular login account server remembers data you put in and it fills it in automatically next time, saving you time and, ultimately, promote or enable features for security and help detect some types of abusive user activity, which could even lead to serious violations of civil and criminal law (and such technologies may help in investigation of such abusive activity).

The service may also use technology enabling a user configuration (SharedPreferences) to be saved, in order to simplify use of service and to support its improvement in general.

Any information we collect is used to provide, maintain, protect and improve the site and service and also the development of new features. Moreover, information is collected so that we can provide appropriate services, and can also be used for processing internal researches or development testing of new functions by analyzing the information obtained, we can possibly evaluate and improve services, develop new products, features, conduct audits and solve problems.

Our company devote the same attention to protection of any information gained by use of cookies as the protection of personal data.

Website of our company uses cookies (and similar technologies) for collection of your data for three technical purposes (as also described above):

  • To use data inserted by you into our system to make it possible to process and finalise your orders (such processing is temporary and only serves this purpose)
  • To use them to be able to provide and improve our services to you (e.g. through Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Intercom Chat System, HotJar, etc.)
  • To use them for the purposes necessary for the operation in the Internet network

Any data collected by these means is processed without the aim to identify you and only temporarily (for the given purpose) unless it is deleted or made anonymous. However, if you wish to prevent use of technologies that store files to your device, you can simply reject, or block cookies use within the site by changing the settings on your Internet browser. For more information, use the “help functions” in your Internet browser.

Please note that most Internet browsers permit use of these technologies, and therefore if you do not wish to use cookies, it may be necessary to actively block them or delete. For more information about use of cookies in Internet browsers on mobile phones, and details on how to disable these or delete them, use the instruction manual for your mobile phone or visit the website

If you disable cookies, you will still be able to visit the site, however it is possible that some functions will not work at all or properly.

Last amended: June 21, 2024